About Miles

Population: 1746 (ABS 2016 Census Data)
Elevation:  302m
GPS Coordinates:  26.66oS; 150.18oE

Situated about four hours drive west of Brisbane and sitting at the crossroads of the Warrego and Leichhardt Highways is the principal town of our district, Miles. At the Miles Historical Village you will find our Visitor Information Centre – the perfect place to start your stay. Our friendly staff, equipped with boundless local knowledge, can help you create your adventure into the heart of the Western Downs Region including the small towns of our district that give us our relaxed country character.

Originally named Dogwood Crossing in 1844 by explorer Ludwig Leichhardt after the prolific Dogwood shrubs in the area, Miles was given its present name with the coming of the railway in 1878 in honour of William Miles, Minister for the Railways at that time. The township, which sprang out of delays in construction of the railway over the Dogwood Creek, started out as a teamster's camp and the wide streets of Miles are a legacy of the time when bullock wagons turned here.

Present day Miles is a vibrant rural township with an active arts and cultural community; an ideal stopping place for travellers to explore a region rich in history and natural attractions. Miles is home to one of the finest historical museums in Australia where the history of the district comes to life in a remarkable streetscape of authentic and replica buildings from the pioneering era. The history of the district is also celebrated at Dogwood Crossing, the cultural hub of our community. An architecturally stunning building with seven metre tall stylised bottle trees forming a colonnade down its centre, Dogwood Crossing provides a comprehensive display of the town's social history and houses the John Mullins Memorial Art Gallery, a respected regional gallery that presents stimulating exhibitions and attracts well known artists.

Close to town, nature lovers can absorb the wonder of the Miles area that was first bestowed on Leichhardt and his team over 150 years ago. The iconic Dogwood, or Jacksonia Scoparia, and other native trees and shrubs can be seen along the relaxing Dogwood Creek Walking Track and the rare pink form of the native waterlily produces a spectacular display on Chinaman's Lagoon during the summer and autumn months. Our district is also renowned for its landscape blanketed in delicate wildflowers, the full splendour of which can be absorbed throughout spring in a self-drive tour.