Beard Appreciation & Craft Beer Tastings

The Beard Garden

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The Festival’s Beard Appreciation Event is creating a buzz, with judging to happen in the ‘Beard Garden’ at the Main Event, on Saturday 8 September.  The ‘Beard Garden’ will feature live music, plus craft beer tastings, with tasting paddles served with a selection of beers.  Those keen on a good gin can also enjoy a selection of craft gins.

All beards are welcome (even the folically challenged, haha!) and amongst the prizes is some cool stuff from The Milkman Grooming Co awarded for these sweet categories!…

  • The Nurtured (natural, but groomed
  • The Big and Bushy (the ungroomed bush)
  • The Craft Beard (freestyle or faux)
  • The Mo (no chin hair)
  • The Wannabeard (bumfluff or starter kit).

We’re so excited to have the crew at Miles Windsor Hotel lending their craft beer expert credentials to the Festival, hosting the ‘Beard Garden’ and searching far and wide to be sure they bring to us an exciting selection of craft brews.  Click their name link to visit their Facebook page and follow their journey and ongoing passionate pursuit of the next great craft brew!



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