Legends & Larrikins

The theme for the 2021 Miles Back to the Bush festival is ‘Australian Legends and Larrikins’. To enhance the Legends and Larrikins theme, we will be commemorating our very own Local Legends and Larrikins (Both living and Departed) through a series of short stories on the lives they have lived and how they have helped shape the Miles District.


IF YOU NEEDED HELP OUT OF TROUBLE… BILL WAS YOUR MAN Written by Ken Brown If you were ever in some sort of trouble, needed a tyre changed, involved in a motor vehicle accident, a bush fire or needed to traverse the Flooded Condamine River – then Bill Power was your man. This bloke wore…

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LOCAL LEGENDS: John and Jan Mullins

A HANDSOME YOUNG MAN… A PRETTY YOUNG LADY… AN SO THE STORY OF A MUCH LOVED MILES LOCAL COUPLE BEGAN… On Australia Day 1958 a handsome young man new to Miles pulls up in his work ute at the local Barber Shop to fill up with fuel. The young lady who comes out wearing a…

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LOCAL LEGENDS: The Davidson Sisters

Back to the Bush – Australian Legends and Larrikins Local Legends: Joyce & Doris There could hardly be a feature written on the Local Legends of the Miles District without including the wonderful Siblings – Joyce and Doris Davidson Joyce and Doris have always been known to the people of Miles and district as the…

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LOCAL LEGENDS: George Johnston

Back to the Bush – Australian Legends and Larrikins Local Legend: George Johnston Sawmiller, Labourer, Machinery Operator, Truck Driver, School Bus Driver, Fuel Distributor, Volunteer, Footy player, Part time Grey Nomad, Bush Poet, Husband, Father, Grandfather and an all-round bloody good bloke is how George Johnston lived his life in the Miles District. George loved…

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