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So you're tough... but are you bush tough?

This challenge is for mixed gender teams of four. It is an outdoor farmer style obstacle course that will test mind, body and spirit as teams undertake a variety of physical and mental challenges to claim the title of 2018 Toughest Buggers in the Bush!

Teams will compete to traverse a series of obstacles (think hay bales, truck tyres, fence posts and more). The obstacles have been developed to not only be a test of physical strength, but will require problem solving strategies also.

Big Hint: Teamwork is key!

The Prize: $400 cash + prize package to winning team and the title of 2018 Toughest Buggers in the Bush!


Download the Team Registration Form  and bring it completed to the Information Centre at the Festival Precinct, Miles Showgrounds to complete the registration process.

Before the day also pay for your team entry ($80 per team) in the Festival Box Office.  Each of your team members will also need to purchase a ticket to the Main Event on Saturday as this is where the competition will take place.  Visit the Festival Box Office for tickets.

Location & Time - Festival Precinct, Showgrounds

Finalise registration: From 2 - 2.30pm @ Information Centre

Game on: From 2.30pm @ Show Ring

The Rules

¨ Work hard, work smart, work together

¨ Listen to instructions as to how to complete each of the obstacles… get it wrong, and you will need to try again.

¨ Respect the adjudicators, their job is to keep it fair and keep it safe.

Event Co-ordinator—Jamie Kerwick

Phone/text: 0428 455 579